Thursday, June 21, 2012

Listening to an online lecture

About no-lift policies. For work. The students have to do a quiz next week so I need to be able to make intelligent comments on their answers to the questions.

I knew there was a good reason that I chose to work with small children. I think this could be the most boring lecture I've ever listened to. It was putting me to sleep so I'm blogging in here to stay awake.

Had my first tutorial this afternoon. All the dismal failures I had last semester have been given the boot for now because they have to repeat that subject next year before they can do this one. I have fifteen students in my group. Four of them I already know from last time around. The rest seem nice enough. One super-keen person who wanted to hang around afterwards to ask lots of questions that I couldn't answer properly.

I think it will be an okay semester once I learn how to use the hoist and the rest of the equipment. I had my first practice session yesterday. I transferred Chris from a bed to a chair (and back again) using one of the hoists at his work. He's a big guy. If I can move him around a few more times, I think it should all be cool by the time the hands on equipment session comes around in a couple of weeks.

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