Monday, June 25, 2012

Is this all there is?

When I started this blog, however long ago that was, I didn't really have any particular aims in mind. It was more that I liked the idea of somewhere I could write stuff down, become a bit more disciplined about writing regularly, and perhaps have something that I could look back on in future years (or show my kids when they are older) so that I knew what I'd done during this time in my life. Like an online diary. I didn't have any niche topic in mind, although it seems that out in blog world, niche blogs are the cool thing at the moment. Blogs like mine about anything and everything don't attract so many followers because they don't cover anything in particular.

So with those less than specific aims, it's probably no wonder that I feel sometimes like my blog is a bit dull to read for anyone who doesn't know me (or even for those who do). Although I've been thinking lately that that is "life actually" for me at the moment.

The reality is, life for us these days isn't full of the excitement and spontaneity that it was when I first met my husband and we started going out, or even when we only had one child and we were learning about how to be parents. Or when we had far more disposable income than we do now. Now it's about looking after kids, changing nappies, doing washing, making sure homework gets done, feeding the baby, taking kids to after school activities, changing more nappies, cooking food, and paying the bills so we don't lose the roof over our head.

I was listening to some people talking at church yesterday about how they had been out for dinner at a restaurant the previous evening with a group of other younger adults from church. And I felt a tiny bit jealous that it's not so easy for us to just pop out for dinner anymore. I know there are people who'll happily babysit for one child, but four? It's a pretty big ask. And, even if someone is happy to do it, all of this requires planning at least a couple of weeks in advance.

I know all of this really is a first world whine. I mean, having to think twice about going out for a meal at a restaurant? I know it's just petty, but I worry sometimes that this blog reflects that my life is actually pretty boring these days. Who would want to read about this kind of stuff? Sometimes I find myself asking if this is all there is to my life in this season.

And then I remember that I am blessed with a great family, a house, a job which has hours that suit my life stage perfectly, and most importantly, I am a member of God's family. The excitement and spontaneity may be a bit light on some days here, but I need to focus upon the many good things I do have. And the joys that those things bring.


Sarah said...

Just a few thoughts from someone who has felt very similar at times. Not that I am in the same stage of life as you, but I can relate to the 'Why on earth would anyone read my blog?' thoughts. My blog hasn't, and still doesn't, fit in anywhere. I haven't found many other bloggers in the same stage of life as I am. I don't have a niche either. I have a small following.

But I've come to the realisation that that's ok. It's not something I learnt in one go. I've had to learn it over and over again. To be honest, it really grates on me when there's Joe Blow blogging over there and he has a huge following with over 20 comments on each post. I start to get envious and think it's not fair. And it isn't because the best writers aren't always the ones with the biggest following. But I keep blogging because I enjoy writing.

I enjoy your blog and I've appreciated your comments on mine. I don't think your life is boring. I find it good preparation for the next stage of my life. Keep blogging!

Deb said...

Hey, I like to read about your life even if it doesn't involve reviews of the latest restaurants and awesome photos from your hot-air balloon trip above the Zambezi River. Maybe especially because it doesn't contain that! :)

Karen said...

Thanks for the lovely encouragement ladies :)
I'm running a bit low on inspiration this week. Just hanging in there till the end of term tomorrow...and then as the kids wind down, work ramps up for me next week. So that's "life actually" for now, folks....

Meredith said...

Been thinking about this post a bit myself. And yes, that is your life actually and hooray for that. You have probably made us all think about our blogs - when you pull out the bits about the Bible and what I am reading what's left is petunias and mint growing in pots, minestrone soup and teabags. That's life. It may seem small compared with other genre of blogs but I don't imagine we would swap what is ours for anything. I know I wouldn't. Love your work in blogosphere. Keep writing. Mx

Anonymous said...

I would happily babysit four children on my kid free weekends if you like Karen. More than happy to, and I know how hard it is to find time with your me if you woudl like me to come round one weekend. xxx Alana

Karen said...

Hey thanks, Alana, I may just take you up on that offer! A friend of ours (also with four kids!) has also offered to do babysit swaps with us...we figured it was a fair exchange since we'd both be looking after the same number of small people :)