Friday, June 8, 2012

Flying solo today

Chris is in Sydney for work. He left here at 5am. He won't be back until at least 8pm tonight.

He texted me when he arrived to tell me it was cold there. I don't think he took a jumper or jacket with him. Not sure why he thought it wouldn't be cooler there than it is here.

Anyway, so far the morning rush has been survived with no full blown fights. Just the two big boys niggling at each other but they got over it without requiring much parental intervention. We are having leftovers for dinner so getting through this evening should be a lot easier than usual.

Chris just gets in and does things that need to be done around here (to be honest, a lot of the time more than what I do....) so I do miss him a lot even if he's only away for a short while.


Deb said...

How did you survive?

Karen said...

Made it! I had two kids in bed by the time he got home and I was even able to make it out to Book Club after that.
Glad it doesn't happen too often though...our teamwork is a big part of why things work so well around here!