Friday, June 29, 2012

Firing up the kitchen blowtorch

A few weeks ago, I bought a creme brulee set that was on special at Woolworths. Four ramekins (that I didn't need) and a blowtorch (that I did).

When I opened up the box, I discovered that the blowtorch was empty. Not surprising, I guess, since I assume it wouldn't be safe to ship little blowtorches filled with gas across the world.

So then I had to work out where to go to find some gas to fill it up with. My Google searching suggested that getting it filled at the kitchen shop was the most expensive option, so I thought I would try and find a more budget-friendly option. Woolworths didn't have anything that I could find, so then I asked at the petrol station when I filled up with petrol. The woman there thought that maybe a tobacconist would have it.

I've never had cause to visit my local tobacconist before now (our local one is catchily called "The Durrie Den"). But the guy was really helpful, considering he sells products that kill people to make a living. And five dollars later, I am now the owner of an aerosol can of gas that I can use to fill it up. He showed me how to fill it up and at first, we thought it didn't work even though we could clearly hear the gas hissing out of it. I wasn't impressed at the thought of having to repackage it all back up and return it to the shop, but fortunately when I came home and read the instructions, I managed to get it fixed myself. Fixing things myself is a rarity here so I felt pretty pleased about that.

Now that I know what I need to buy, I will probably try to source a supplier that I am ethically more comfortable with. When I got home and told Chris about it, he said he wouldn't have set foot in a cigarette shop to buy anything at all because he has spent too much time working with people who are dying of smoking related illnesses. I could see his point. I might give Bunnings a go next time (any other suggestions would be appreciated!). Or maybe the kitchen shop will have to be the way to go, regardless of the expense.

So, anyway, I made up the creme brulees this morning and they are now busy setting in the fridge. And this evening, we will all be able to stand around and ooh and ah at the debut of the blowtorch to caramelise the sugar on top of them.

Can't wait.

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Petrina said...

According to my husband, Bunnings, probably in the BBQ section. Should also be at any decent hardware store. Happy blowtorching :)