Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome to the pee-wee holiday resort

We have a pool. Great in summer. But it's not heated, so pool ownership in winter here just involves tedious pool maintenance tasks like getting leaves out and feeding it chemicals to keep the water at the right balance.

While we're not using it, a few pee-wees have moved in to take advantage of the low season. I haven't been patient enough to capture a photo of them myself, so I borrowed a photo from flickr.

They have a great time looking at their reflections in the water, dive-bombing each other and having baths, and strutting around the side of the pool enjoying the sunshine.

I almost feel like I want to give them some little banana lounges and mini cocktails with umbrellas in them. While it's nice they're having such a lovely time, the little deposits they leave behind them (and perhaps in the pool as well) are much less appreciated.

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