Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book week costumes....

The parade is tomorrow morning at 9am. Even though we got a note home last week about it, this fact has only dawned on us tonight.

Not good. Although Aidan has already said he wants to go as Ordinary Boy...white T-shirt and black pants. That's easy.

Liam is a bit harder. All week he has said he wants to go as King Arthur. Since we are well-equipped with knight costumes that was going to be possible with a night before throw together. Now he has decided he wants to go as Obi wan Kenobi from Star Wars. Not as easy. And we are not at all keen to let the light sabre (or any kind of plastic weapon-like toy) go to school with him. And we think that since Star Wars was a movie before it was a book, he should go as a character that started out in a book.

So we are back trying to convince him to go back to the King Arthur plan (minus Excalibur). We're telling him he can take the empty sword sheath and tell people that he's pretending to be in a story where his sword breaks and he needs a new one.

Hopefully that will work. I'm not going to get too stressed about it. The weather here this week has been atrocious and I seriously doubt that an outside book week parade will be happening. Maybe it will be an inside the school hall event but either way it's okay by me. I can't be there because I'm going to Bible Study so I won't be standing around feeling embarrassed as I look at the fancy costumes made by parents who are far more creative in coming up with ideas and far more able to put costumes together than I am.

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