Monday, August 8, 2011

Rosie turns 2

Where have those two years gone? It seems like just yesterday that we were getting ready to welcome Rosie into the world.... about six weeks earlier than we expected to be. We didn't have much organised so it was lucky she had those few weeks of growing time in the nursery so we could get our act together.

Something we got used to hearing from everybody was how tiny Rosie is. She's still not a big girl but it did make her easier to carry around when she was little. She spent a lot of time during the first year in a sling. We only used the pram once and she didn't like it very much so it was back to sleeping in the sling as we found our way into some kind of routine around the boys' school and other activities. I felt sad when she got too big to be in it anymore.

This year we have loved seeing Miss Rosie learn new words ("shoes" was the first word she said) and grow into a little girl from a baby. She loves to read books, especially "big people" books without any pictures in them. It's funny to listen to her babbling to herself as she turns the pages. She's developing her own special personality. She's happy to talk and wrestle with Daddy and the boys at home but when we are out and about she prefers to let everyone think that she is very shy. She likes to watch before joining in something new, she checks out everything very carefully, and she notices little changes in her world, a bit like her Mummy does.

Later this year Rosie will become a big sister, something we didn't think would happen. She was going to be our baby but God had another plan for our family. It's lovely seeing Rosie point to the baby in my tummy and smile....past experience suggests that this might not continue once the baby comes out, so I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Happy birthday, Rosie. Photos of the cake Daddy is making for tonight will be on here soon.


The Courageous Lion said...

Oh Happy Birthday Rosie. And a big congratulations to you Karen, how exciting.

Karen said...

Hey Cass, how are you? Is it Harvey's birthday around now too?
Yes, the pregnancy thing is getting more exciting as we go along. The first few months we were in a big denial stage but no escaping it now...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the lovely Rosie
Love Alana

Sarah said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Rosie!