Monday, August 15, 2011

Housework avoidance

Our church Committee of Management is having a meeting tonight. At our house.

The reason it is at our house is because I am going out to another committee meeting at Rosie's child care centre.

Usually I can get myself into a cleaning and tidying frenzy before people come to our house so that it looks at least semi-presentable. I used to do it every week when we had a Bible Study group here. In those days I would even manage to bake something to eat for supper.

Today I just can't be bothered. Lately it seems like the mess returns within a few minutes of it being cleaned up.

But I am going to have to get into gear. I am about to go and do the school pick-up. Then I will have forty-five minutes before the boys have to go to swimming to sort the cleaning out (while simultaneously practising spelling words with the kids for the school spelling bee this week). And I might just squeeze in making an Anzac slice between swimming and going out to my meeting.

And I forgot to say that our assistant minister is coming over to dinner (his wife is away at the moment). But at least dinner is covered. Chris made some meatballs in tomato sauce last night so we just have to cook up the fettucine and it is sorted.

Sigh. Sometimes life just feels too busy. There's always another job waiting after you've successfully accomplished one thing.


Wendy said...

Life with young children (and older ones too) is busy, pregnancy just doesn't help either. I was a mess every pregnancy. I'm not sure I would have survived if my husband worked away from home at that time because I needed a nap every day!

Don't worry about the cleaning, most everyone will understand that you have a lot on your plate. Those who don't aren't worth worrying about. They have their own issues.

Karen said...

We survived. The mess was relocated to our bedroom (usual strategy when all else fails...). So today I feel much better :)