Sunday, August 21, 2011

Political commentary

I have been following the Craig Thomson story as it's unfolded this week. Mainly out of curiosity on whether or not he will bring down the Gillard government. They're digging in to defend him while he's denying everything. According to today's newspapers, he has Labor advisors in his ear 24 hours a day so he doesn't cave in to all the media pressure and resign.

I'm pretty skeptical on whether he's telling the truth. And more than a little annoyed that if he is in fact lying, my husband's Health Service union fees may have partly contributed to the funds that were then used for some very unethical behaviour.

So I found this clip from Meet the Press quite amusing. Barnaby Joyce is well known for his outspokenness and regardless of whether I agree or disagree with his politics, I think he has a fantastic metaphorical turn of phrase sometimes.

No metaphors here though. Just telling it like it is.


Deb L said...

Very amusing. Enjoyed that.

Karen said...

Hoping it will get a good run on tonight's Q&A...