Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Census form...could it really be true?

I'm the form filler-in at our house. It's one of those jobs I enjoy doing. Something about seeing all the boxes neatly marked makes me happy.

Except last night when we were trying to sort out the amount of time each of us had spent doing domestic activities in the last week. When we worked it out properly, Chris had done more hours than me. His tally came in at 30 hours plus (on top of the 40 hours of paid work that he does).

My figure came in at less than that when I thought about it and added it up, although probably still in the 16 to 29 hour category. But it seemed embarrassing to admit that I had done less than him, since my paid work last week was only 16 hours. So I ticked the over 30 hours box too.

Although considering he was cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes while I was sitting there filling in the form, maybe he's right about doing more than me....