Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This morning

...I couldn't quite face going to Bible study and watching people eat large slabs of cake and drinking big mugs of coffee. Had a bit of a pity party at home by myself and ate one boring muesli bar and drank lime juice flavoured water.

So instead I listened to some talks from the 2007 women's Equip conference. Embarrassed to admit that I have had the CDs for a couple of years now and this was the first time I'd listened to them.

Now I wish I'd listened to them earlier. They were excellent. One was by Di Warren on "The Uncompromised Life" and the other one by Ainsley Poulos on gossip. Based on the book of James.

There are a couple of other free talks available on the website for download (not the ones I listened to, the free ones are more recent ones). Highly recommended listening.

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