Monday, August 29, 2011

Words on the spelling list that I hadn't heard before

So Aidan is learning about fifty thousand spelling words for the regional final of the primary school spelling bee. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration. Maybe I should say it feels like fifty thousand words, but I know it is over one thousand words.

Mostly the repetitive practice is incredibly boring. But you get the occasional word that is a little bit interesting. I had to look up a couple of them in the online dictionary because I didn't know what they meant. This is pretty unusual. I read. A lot. I always thought my vocabulary was pretty good.

But I was stumped by ocarina (an ancient flute-like wind instrument that is shaped like an egg, apparently) and perentie (the largest Australian native goanna).

There you go. I've learned something.

He also has a cool list of words that relate to "religion and ethics." There are a few in the higher levels on that list that I think I might also need to investigate further for their meanings. "Evangelist" is at Level 5.

The whole concept of the Premier's Spelling Bee seems weird to me, to be honest. A little bit too American for my liking. It's great that my kids can spell. But putting them up on a stage and doing it in front of other people? Not really my scene. And I hate being there watching the kids do it. It's incredibly nerve racking waiting for them to say each letter.


Anonymous said...

I knew ocarina, but feel a bit dodgy that I didn't know an Australian animal=(

One thousand words is makes me wonder how many words do adults know...


Karen said...

Well this is certainly broadening my vocab size. Now I am looking for ways to work them into conversation :)