Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bad news for the day

My blood sugars aren't going too well. 7.5 after breakfast this morning. Normal level is below 6.5. And my fasting sugars, that I take when I first wake up in the morning and that I can't control by altering my diet, are staying well above the normal level.

If this doesn't improve, I will be adding an endocrinologist to the list of appointments I need to go to in the next few weeks. And maybe some insulin injections as well.

I feel sad. This is probably the point at which my last pregnancy started to go pear-shaped as well, although I didn't realise at the time since I had my gestational diabetes test later in the pregnancy last time around. I wish my body could just do things the right way so I don't have to feel anxious about things going wrong again.

And I know it's not the right way to feel as a Christian, but I also feel frustrated that other women can have pregnancies that aren't complicated. I wish I could lose these bitter feelings, I know it's wrong to have them, but today I'm struggling a bit with them.

Sadly, I probably can't even go and have a coffee/morning tea with a friend to have a good cry about it. Seeing grossly oversized muffins and cakes (>2 carbohydrate serves so off the agenda for the time being) and large mugs of coffee aren't going to cheer me up.

Please pray (as I need to myself) that I can accept what's happening and not stress too much. Stressing about it won't help and it probably will make things worse.

From the mixed news front, Aidan won his grade section of the spelling bee this morning. Great to see him do such a good job of getting the words correct, but now we have to learn a whole bunch of different words for the regional final in three weeks' time. Not so excited about that part of it.


simone r said...

Am praying.

Jenny said...

Praying for you Karen - it's tough to not become envious when things like this happen. Some people seem to cruise through with no problems at all - it feels all a bit unevenly balanced.

Karen said...

Thanks ladies, much appreciated. I made some passionfruit melting moments biscuits (in a slightly smaller size than the coffee shop variety!) for a friend and managed to eat one myself for lunch without going over the blood sugar limit so I'm feeling a little better. Nothing like a sweet treat to induce more cheerful behaviour (!). Will keep praying to lose those feelings of envy...I don't want them to take over... :)

Sarah said...

Jenny's right - it doesn't seem fair sometimes when the suffering portions seem to be unevenly handed out. One thing I'm starting to realise though is that not everything is how it seems on the surface.

Praying you and bubba will be ok for the rest of the pregnancy.

Oh and I get the food thing. It's hard not to feel envious when I see other people scoffing cake and pasta when I'm on a low starch diet for my arthritis.