Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Distressing discovery

I have just found out (by checking our junk mail folder on email) that we are over $600 behind on paying our After School Care fees. I thought we had a direct debit set up for this so I was filing the invoices in a separate folder on email. Apparently we didn't have direct debit set up and because I was filing the invoices, the person who normally pays the bills didn't see them. So I guess the fault lies on both sides here.

I am so embarrassed about this. I hate it when bills get paid even a day or two later than they should be. I get really anxious thinking that others think we are freeloading and this then spirals into other unrealistic thinking. Like if this had continued unnoticed, would the kids have been kicked out?

Grr to junk mail folders that are too efficient at chucking important emails into them. Lucky I checked.

Okay, time for some deep calm breaths. We know about it now. I have called the person who normally pays the bills and had a little meltdown so he is now onto it and getting the payment sorted out. The kids haven't been kicked out yet (and they only have another seven more weeks before I pull them out anyway when my maternity leave starts).

Sometimes I feel like I'm losing track of all the things I need to keep track of. This is one of the things that scares me about having another child. If I'm struggling to keep everything in my head now, how much harder is it going to be when there's another child demanding a new compartment in my brain?

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