Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Australians overcoming adversity....

Aidan has been placed in a combined Year 3/4/5 class at school this year where they will be doing lots of extension activities. They hit the ground running yesterday on the first day of school. Their French teacher gave them their first lesson in French language so there were lots of "Bonjours" and "Au revoirs" happening after school yesterday.

He already has a project to do that is due at the end of Week 2. He has been given two people to research who have overcome adversity in their lives (Ludwig van Beethoven and George Lucas) and he has to choose a third person (an Australian identity) who has also achieved in the face of obstacles or adversity.

This led to some interesting discussions yesterday evening. There were many ideas, most of them Chris' and mine. And lots of worthy nominations.

Then this morning Chris came up with Greg Wiggle. I think he was just joking. Unfortunately, Aidan was very taken with the idea. I'm not entirely sure Greg's the kind of candidate the teacher's looking for, but I think Aidan is going to go with him...

Fortunately the teacher concerned has a sense of humour. Hopefully he'll get it.

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