Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Resisting posting about Carpe Diem article...

...because it seems as if everyone else in blogland is doing so. If you want to read it, it's here.

So I tried to think of something else and you guessed it....I've got nothing.

It's pouring rain here. Really pouring. Flooding is likely. Trying to decide whether it is heavy enough to cancel our haircuts this afternoon.

Other status updates:

Me: I spent the morning baking because it's cold and wet. Pumpkin scones and pumpkin fruitcake. They look yummy. Now to resist eating too much of either of them.

Aidan: Getting his school holiday homework done. He has to do a Powerpoint presentation about his holidays. I'm trying to convince him that sound and animations on Powerpoint won't save a bad presentation. I think he could get up there and say the holiday consisted of us begging him to get this done.

Liam: Building Kirrin Island and Kirrin Cottage out of Lego. I've already photographed a rather large Lego castle this morning (I'll try to add a photo of this later).

Rosie: Now in bed, but spent the morning unpacking all her toys that I'd carefully tidied away yesterday. You wouldn't believe how much time toddlers spend doing this until you have experienced it.

Rowan: Due to wake up for a feed any minute.

Hope everyone else is enjoying today.


Wendy said...

You're obviously looking at different blogs to me. I haven't seen any blog posts about Carpe Diem. I did post a link to it on Facebook and seen several short comments. I'd be interested to hear your feelings.

Sarah said...

There one blog post on it here, Wendy - http://168hrs.blogspot.com/2012/01/seizing-day.html

That's the only one I've seen in the bloggy world. The rest were Facebook links.

Karen said...

Yours was the first one I found Wendy! (and it was good). Then I saw the one Sarah mentioned, and there's another one here..http://www.theusefulbox.com
No offence intended with my comment on the fact that everyone's talking about it. Just didn't think I had anything more to add...

Wendy said...

Oh, yeah. That's right...that's the paragraph I wrote when I could hardly breathe or think for all the muck in my head on Sunday. Whoops. Thankfully I'm feeling almost better now.