Thursday, January 12, 2012

Highs and lows for the day

Went to the doctor this morning to get results from my follow up glucose tolerance test and a few other recent tests. No more blood sugar problems for now. And my full blood count was good too. No anaemia. All good news.

Then I went and caught up with a friend from work at a very cool cafe. She had a little baby boy four weeks after I had Rowan. Well, he wasn't so little actually. He weighed 4.5 kg at birth and already weighs over 6 kg. Rowan looked very little beside him. But it was very pleasant sitting in the comfy chairs drinking coffee and enjoying the atmosphere. Some nice vintage furniture to look at and wish I could afford to buy.

Heard from ukulele shop. They are going to give me a whole new ukulele because he can't get a single tuning peg. Cool.

Picked up Rosie from child care, then came home to discover she had a head full of nits. Not so good, since we had some other ladies and small children at our house yesterday for morning tea. I'd noticed Rosie had been scratching her head for a couple of days, but Chris kept telling me he'd checked and there was nothing there. Hmmm.

So we've spent the afternoon and evening getting nit treatments happening. I hate that itchy feeling that always comes on when you know nits are in the immediate area. And the shelf of nit treatment products in the chemist shop is quite overwhelming. What to choose...which comb works the best etc etc...

Quiet day at home coming up tomorrow. Think another nit treatment may be in order. Sorry to any of my guests from yesterday who might be reading this. Hope the nits didn't jump heads. But I'm not sure where they came from to start with. We haven't been anywhere for a couple of weeks except church.* Oh well. One of those things that just happens, I guess.

*But I suppose nits do come to church too...I know they don't discriminate between Christians and non-Christians (!)

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