Sunday, January 29, 2012

Carpe diem

This weekend was well and truly seized. Yesterday morning I baked rosemary and olive flavoured savoury scrolls. From my Edible Balcony gardening/cook book. They tasted pretty good for a first attempt.

Then I went out to Lincraft and bought some felt to make the little lighthouse. This is a square for a quilt that the ladies from our church are putting together for our friends. Their little boy is being born in ten days' time, but he isn't expected to survive for very long after birth. I spent the afternoon and evening making the pattern and sewing it. I'm not much good at crafty stuff, I usually don't have enough patience to see things through to completion. But it didn't look too bad when I'd finished it.

Watched some tennis while I was sewing. The ladies' final was a disappointment. It has been for the past few years. I was reading in this morning's paper that in four of the past seven finals, the loser has won three or less games in the match. It was a similar story last night. The men's doubles final, on the other hand, was highly entertaining. I wish they would show more doubles tennis in the television coverage. I find it a lot more interesting to watch.

While I was out shopping on Saturday, I popped into our local Rivers Clearance outlet because they were having a 50% off summer clothing sale. I came home with a skirt, a pair of 3/4 length pants, two t-shirts and a scarf, total cost $42 (the scarf was the most expensive item I bought at $9.95!?). I thought this was so good that I went back today and bought another skirt, another pair of pants and three more t-shirts for a total of $39. My wardrobe is looking much more interesting now. I haven't bought new non-maternity clothing for almost a year so I was pretty happy with all my bargains.

Today I have spent the morning at church and after I returned from Rivers this afternoon I labelled a lot of pencils for the kids to take to school, which starts tomorrow.

Exhausted now....but still watching the men's tennis tonight. Hoping for a closer match this time...

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