Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Karen's cooking adventures #2 - Frogs in the pond

Monday's dessert-making effort doesn't happen often here. Most nights we don't even eat dessert. The kids might have yoghurt or some fruit if they're lucky (or well-behaved).

But because it's the holidays, I'm feeling a bit more inclined to make something sweet for after dinner.

If you don't want to spend the whole afternoon baking a pie in the heat, another popular dessert in this house is frogs in the pond. This only takes five minutes to make. Just prepare jelly (use any flavour you like) as per packet instructions, pour into ramekins or plastic cups and refrigerate. Prior to serving, unwrap chocolate frogs and stick them into the individual ponds. (Photo from here because mine have only just gone into the fridge).

Too easy. And nice and cool to eat after a hot day.

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Sarah said...

I so want to eat that frog right now! YUMMO!