Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Toilet training

Taking advantage of a few days stuck at home without the silver bus (which is currently having a paint job to repair the scratches I put in it) to get some toilet training going for Rosie. We have been half-heartedly getting her to sit on the toilet for a while now but haven't been too serious about it with the new baby and general busy-ness at the end of the year.

Yesterday was great. There were five wees in the toilet, with relatively little prompting needed. No accidents. Lots of excitement, praise and lolly rewards.

Today....nothing. Sitting on toilet for two seconds then getting off. Or just screaming "noooo" at top volume whenever the toilet is suggested. But at least there have been no accidents (and she has been running around with no pants on all morning). I'm taking that as a good thing. At least she has the control to hold on.

So the nappy is now on while she has her sleep and I am confident it will be pretty soggy when she gets up.

In the reading I have done about toilet training, it says that the keys to success are parental patience and a positive attitude. Not things I am always blessed with, sadly. But hopefully easier to find when we are on holidays and not so busy.

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