Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just got offered some work

A bit unexpectedly.

Tutoring with first year OT students at our local university. Two hours of face to face contact per week, starting in late February. Plus extra time for prep/marking, availability to answer students' emails and whatever else happens outside of that.

Not sure if I am quite ready to take this on. Rowan is still quite new. And the hours being offered are from 4-6pm. Right in the middle of arsenic hour.

It is a foot in the door though. Might lead to more opportunities down the track as well. This is something I've been interested in trying out for a while.

Semester 2 would have been better. But I'm pretty sure that the offer won't come then. Will need to think about it, and discuss with everyone at home. I have a day to make a decision about it.


Wendy said...

Hmm, tricky decision!

Helen said...

Is the rate of pay ok? UQ was offering awful rates last I heard. Is it supervision of prac or taking a tute for a subject? How would Chris cope with Arsenic hour? I personally can't make my brain work with a breastfeeding baby but you obviously can (blog posts are evidence!).

Karen said...

Mmm...yes, it is tricky. Helen, the rate of pay isn't great (although better if you're casual, I think) but since it's income we weren't expecting anyway that doesn't matter too much to me. It's more about getting some more experience. I think it's taking tutes for an intro to OT type subject, so I'm hoping that wouldn't be enormously complex :)

Karen said...

I should add that Chris actually copes very well with arsenic hour (far better than me!) and in fact the idea of running off to do something else and get paid for it sounds very appealing :)