Sunday, January 1, 2012

Q: How to provoke stress in an introverted control freak??

A: By organising a surprise party for her 40th birthday.

After I recovered from the initial overwhelmed feeling of having so many people in my house, I had a nice time. It was somewhat comforting that nearly all of my friends who came told me they didn't think it was something that I would have chosen for myself. Obviously they all know me very well.

Unfortunately, we committed our usual hospitality sin of forgetting to offer tea and coffee. We used to do this all the time, but we'd been improving with this more recently (we try to remind eachother before people arrive at our house that they might like a hot drink even if it's warm outside). We don't drink tea and coffee as a routine ourselves so we don't always remember to put the jug on when people visit. Sorry to anyone reading who was there and would have liked one.

Chris forgot to invite a few people. I hope they'll be forgiving...

And I forgot to take photos. I have a few of Liam's cake and the flowers on the table, that I took before the party started. When everyone arrived it was a bit chaotic so I forgot to take a photo of the beautiful cake that my mother-in-law made for me. Hope someone else remembered.

A very pleasant end to the day watching the 9pm fireworks from our front deck and attempting to take photos (put tripod on list for next year's birthday). Thanks to the local club for putting on a family evening each year so the fireworks are always on at a civilised hour. And strumming Amazing Grace on the new ukulele.

I don't think I'll ever have another birthday like this one....but I think I can cope with that!


Jenny said...

Glad you got to do something to celebrate - even if it was a shock! And at least you didn't need to organise it.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Karen! So glad other people organised it for you (it would have been a shock for me too before I would manage to get into it). I hope you felt really loved and that the party lifted your spirits.

Anonymous said...

Now why in the world you want to provoke stress in an introverted control freak? Are you trying to antagonize one?