Saturday, January 7, 2012

Book Chat Term 1 2012

Hoping to track this one down to read for Term 1 Book Chat. I borrowed a copy from a friend and have also discovered it's available as an ebook so I will probably buy it in that format. Now I just need to find some paper copies for those who prefer real books.

I'm about halfway through it at the moment. It looks like it will be a great book to read in the lead-up to Easter. Anyone else read it?


Helen said...

Wanting to start up something like that here. Can you give me some details as to how it works?

Karen said...

Sure...I actually stole the idea from Deb, who sometimes comments here and who originally posted about it on Nicole's blog, 168 hours. But I haven't been able to find the post where I first heard about it...sorry! Maybe Deb will see this and reply as well?

Anyway, how it runs here is pretty low stress. We have been having it once per school term, book is chosen (usually I have a few options based on what I think might be good, and also feedback from others on good things they've read). I run these past the ministry team to check they're happy for us to read whatever the first choice is, then we order some copies that get sold through our church book stall.

We have our discussions over afternoon tea at someone's home (this has rotated around participants and last term we did a "high tea" which was lovely!), but they could also happen as an evening get together quite well, I think. We've prayed a couple of times at the discussions but again that's pretty flexible. If we feel led to pray then fine, but the main aim of getting together is to discuss the book and what we've learned from it. Usually I try to put together a few discussion points or questions beforehand to get things started..mostly the conversation flows OK though!

Hope that helps you get started...feel free to ask away if you have any more questions :)

Deb L said...

Here's the link to the original blog post about the book club:

Helen said...

Thanks heaps.

Karen said...

Thanks Deb! I had the wrong wonder I couldn't find it when I looked (blame the hot weather and brain fatigue...).