Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Annabel Crabb's take on the Rudd/Gillard mess

..."if Mr Rudd or Ms Gillard could speak frankly about the current impasse, what would they say? Their silent tussle is surely the most nihilistic in Labor's organisational memory. It's not about clashing, passionately-held convictions, or the parties' spirited disagreement on what to do about schools, or nukes, or Syria. It's a classic corner-office dispute of numbing mundanity. She thinks he shouldn't be prime minister because he's nuts. He thinks she shouldn't be prime minister because she's hopeless. And that's about the size of it. Caucus members now arrange themselves into Team Bloodnut and Team Bowlcut, driven by nothing except the clinical extent of their own despair."

From here.

Yes indeed. Love the Team Bloodnut vs Team Bowlcut line. Absolute gold.

While I'm at it, I'm quite enjoying The Drum on the ABC right now as well. Best current affairs show on television. Q&A is highly entertaining too.

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