Sunday, February 19, 2012

Busy busy weekend

Well, that's how it felt. Although when I think back to what I actually did, it probably wasn't all that much.

Yesterday morning, I went to a history talk at a local landmark (a lookout on top of a hill). A bit nerdy, I know. The average age of those in attendance appeared to be well into the 60s. Lots of historical society members. A few of their grandkids. A couple of the older folk were on wheelie walkers. I was very impressed they'd made it up the rather steep ramp to the top of the hill.

There weren't many people my age at all. But I enjoyed it anyway. Maybe in twenty years time I'll be in the historical society myself. Although it all appeared a little bit too social for the introvert in me...

This morning we went to church. Then this afternoon I went for a bit of a wander around a local antique shop and second hand bookshop by myself. So much fun. After that I went and bought some mint and planted it in a pot (that's the first step completed in my gardening project). I also bought another pot to put lavender in, but I'm still deciding which variety of lavender I want to buy so that planting will have to wait till next weekend.

About to go and make some jam drops for the lunchboxes and sort out a shopping list to make a dinner to take to our lovely friends this week.

The week ahead is full of committee meetings. Preschool committee tomorrow night. At that one, we usually get a free pizza dinner included so it's worth the effort of going. I'm the secretary on that committee and I've found that taking minutes is a good way to avoid overeating the pizzas. Then there's P&C at the boys' school on Tuesday evening. I don't usually bother going to the P&C but at this meeting they are discussing putting on a chaplain at the school so I thought I should go and hear what they are planning to do. And on Wednesday I start my new job at the Uni, although I have what I am doing in the first week pretty much sorted now. I'm beginning to wonder if I may have (yet again...) overcommitted myself....

So if I am a little bit quieter on the blog, that is why. Although I really didn't think that keeping up the recent effort of three or four posts a day was going to be sustainable (insert smiley emoticon here).

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