Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Came home from my first tutorial this evening... the news that Kevin Rudd has resigned as Foreign minister. I'm pleased that someone has made the first move in the stand-off at last.

Interesting times ahead.

Anyway, the tute went okay. Referencing was a challenging task for almost all of them, although there were a few with that "I already know all this, I'm pretty bored" look as we were doing the referencing practice activities at the end.

In answer to the getting to know you opening question I gave them about the superpower they would most like to have, there were some interesting responses. Lots of time travellers, flyers and several who wanted to be invisible. A sizeable minority wanted to read minds. My favourite responses were from a girl who wanted to be able to breathe under water so she could go diving more easily, and another one who wanted to be able to walk through walls so she wouldn't have to go around stuff.

Disappointingly all of the above was probably more interesting than the responses to the question of why they chose to do occupational therapy. Hearing "it would be sooo rewarding" and "I really wanted to help people" became quite repetitive after a while. Though I suppose my answer to that question isn't much better. I ended up in occupational therapy after a careers talk in which they showed us a whole heap of equipment (easy reachers, bottle openers, tap turners and the like) and talked about how much we could help people do everyday things. It sounded and looked more interesting than the speech pathology talk I went along to the same evening. And here I am twenty years later, still an OT.

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