Monday, February 27, 2012

My mint died

I thought it was almost impossible to kill.

All I did was forget to water it on just one day last week. That was enough. It dried up and died.

I bought another one this morning. Praying for rain every day for the next week so it can get itself established. I'm not always the best at remembering to water stuff.

At the opposite end of the water-loving scale, I bought some lavender this morning as well. It doesn't like much water at all, so I need to work out a way to keep it as dry as possible. No problems. I think this plant might like my forgetful watering habits.


Caroline said...

Hi Karen,
I have seen apparently dead mint send new shoots out of the ground a few days after watering, so if it's still in the pot/soil, there might be hope yet for the first plant.

Caroline said...

Oh, and mint does normally need to be kept moist. In my experience, the plant that's impossible to kill through lack of watering is rosemary.

Meredith said...

I have killed a lot of mint. And I have even killed rosemary and lavender!! Mint does seem to do best when it lives under a dripping tap. Good luck!

Karen said...

Hi Caroline! When I dug up the old plant it still had green shoots and even a couple of tiny leaves at the root so I just left it there and will see if it comes back to life :)

Totally agree with you on the rosemary...there is no shortage of that here. We have a massive bush that is seriously in need of a prune because it is growing so well. And when people ask how we got it to grow so well, we tell them we did absolutely nothing except plant it and leave it alone.

Meredith, I have memories of mint growing under a dripping tap at my house when I was growing up. But I am trying to get it to grow in a pot so we can keep it from getting out of control as I have seen it do. Unfortunately all our taps are in spots that are a bit too sunny. And the taps don't drip much either...