Monday, February 13, 2012

So my new work starts next Wednesday

And the notes for my first tutorial have arrived. It sounds like fun. It's all about referencing using APA style and telling the students they aren't allowed to just copy stuff from a book, article or webpage and pretend they made it up themselves. Oh, and a cool getting to know you game where you have to share with the group what super power you would most like to have (??).

I discovered that there are a lot more things you can reference these days in academia. Even posts from blogs, which I found a bit amusing. Back when I was an undergraduate at University, books and journal articles were pretty much it for reference sources. Even when I was doing my Masters thesis seven years ago, those were still the main sources of material.

Not anymore. There's been a big information explosion out there, people.


One for a wish.. said...

Talking about interesting references i bought the kids a book called "Amazing Inventions", or something similar, and all the references in the back were from Wikipedia!!

One for a wish.. said...

PS good luck with the new job!

Wendy said...

An issue I'm coming up against in the magazine editing business is referencing material accessed by a Kindle or other such electronic device. They don't have page numbers! Anything you find out about this one, I'd love to hear about.

Karen said... the Wikipedia referencing...I am trying to work out at what age referencing Wikipedia is no longer appropriate. For our almost ten year old, I think it's okay although we are trying to show him other sources.

I would say University students should definitely be looking in other places....