Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kids behaving badly

Feeling a bit "got at" today. Twice I have heard from other people about my children's behaviour (at school and church).

I'm always embarrassed when this happens. You like to think that your kids aren't annoying other people and are doing what they are told. The reality is, it doesn't always happen.

And when things like this happen, I feel that there is sometimes an underlying criticism of our parenting going on. Since I tend to be oversensitive, there probably isn't, but that doesn't stop me feeling it. And then I think of all the times that I haven't said anything when other people's kids are annoying me. And I want to bite back.

I'll be okay. We've been here before. The kids aren't perfect, neither am I. I just wish it was easier some days. And that all the good things they do could also get noticed sometimes (but that's something I need to work on more too....).

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