Friday, December 23, 2011

Family Christmas dinner menu

Each year for Christmas, we have a special dinner for our family. Normally this happens on Christmas Eve, but because Christmas falls on a weekend this year and we are eating with Chris' extended family tomorrow, tonight's the night for our family meal.

Here's what we are having this year:

Prawn, avocado and mango with seafood sauce. This was actually going to be little pikelets with crab salad on top, but lack of availability of buttermilk, Lebanese cucumber and fresh crab meat in the supermarket meant we had to scrap that plan at the last minute. This is an old favourite recipe that Chris invented so he gets the unenvied job of peeling the prawns.

Apple cider glazed ham with warm roast potato salad and green been and cranberry salad. Glaze is already made and ready to go. Potatoes are partially cooked ready for roasting. Beans will take five minutes later on.

And for dessert, frozen chocolate cherry mousse. I made this yesterday and when I checked the freezer earlier I think it was frozen. Hard to tell when it's covered with baking paper, glad wrap and inside a loaf tin. When it comes time to turn it out, I guess we'll know if it's okay. All I have to do then is decorate the top with cherries and chocolate curls. Currently googling to find out how to make chocolate curls because I haven't done that before.

After that it will be time to go for a drive to check out some Christmas lights around the neighbourhood.

Hope all of you enjoy your Christmas dinners too!


Anonymous said...

Yummo!!! Alana

Karen said...

Hey cool, Alana, you can comment again! (I hope...)