Friday, December 2, 2011


...this. Bob Kauflin on playing the piano in contemporary worship. Helpful stuff.

Just finished Part 1. I was feeding while I was watching it so I missed a bit. Might have to go through it again another time.

Sigh. There's so much I still have to learn about playing the piano. My chord knowledge is average at best. And time for deliberate practice....hmmm....well, maybe I could squeeze a bit more in, but there are usually a thousand other things competing for my attention and time in this stage of my life.

Off to have a little play around on the piano now before the next feed is required...

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Wendy said...

Yeah, I find that piano is not my priority, even though I enjoy it when get there. Somehow there always seems to be more important things to do.

Also thinking, that you need to update your "About me" to 4 kids!