Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday movies and other random life stuff

The boys are very excited about this one (opens here on Boxing Day). They borrow TinTin DVDs from our local library on a regular basis. Nerdy, I know.

Not sure what the movie will be rated though...

Not much else happening here. Last week of school with the round of busy-ness that involves. My (teenaged) nieces are staying with us for a few days to help take care of Rosie now that Chris has gone back to work. We sold our car (the CRV) so the funds from that will be nice to have before Christmas.

Saw a house for sale over the weekend that we didn't mind the look of, and that suits our new larger family size slightly better than our current place. It's being auctioned next Saturday. That's not great timing so we're trying to work out whether to do anything about it or not. Do we like it enough to put in the hard yards of organising finance etc in the middle of our sleep deprived state and the last week of school festivities? I'm not sure...

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