Monday, December 19, 2011

Someone else scraped our car....

...when Chris took it to the supermarket yesterday morning. On two of the the front panels this time. Not the same one that I scraped on the post last Thursday. Unfortunately the person who did it didn't bother to leave us their details. Chris thinks it was an elderly person who might not even have noticed they'd done it.

At least we think that's what happened. I'm wondering whether it might be more damage that I did last Thursday and just hadn't noticed. Chris says not. Hope he's right.

Either way, the bill at the panel beaters just got larger. But at least we were going there anyway. And I just received a pay rise and some backpay in my latest maternity leave so that can all go towards the cost. We hope the smash repairer can just add the new paint job to the other list of what needs to be done.

Time to start parking our extra large car well away from anyone else's, I think.

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Sarah said...

:( re. the new scrape. I hope it was someone who hadn't realised what they'd done and not someone being dishonest. Praise God that He's provided some money for you though. The same happened when I had a car accident six years ago courtesy of someone speeding through a red light and then driving off and leaving me there (and was never caught). The $9k worth of damage to my car was covered by insurance, but I was hit with $660 worth of excess because I couldn't name the other driver. God provided me with the money to pay it through my very generous Bible study group.