Thursday, December 15, 2011

When an attempt to save a small amount of money backfires in spectacular fashion

Today I spent a lot of time in the car, the new people mover. I drove my two nieces back home to Brisbane and then back again.

On my way home, I stopped in at my workplace to say hello and show them Rowan.

Outside my work building there is council metered parking. This costs about $1.50 for an hour's worth of paid parking.

But I knew the guy who collects the parking money in our work building would have finished for the day when I got there. So of course I drove in because parking in the building is then free.

Completely freaked out as I was driving in when I noticed the height clearance sign that said 193cm. Rang Chris on mobile and he told me the height of our new van is 192.5cm, but not to worry because there is usually another 5 or 10cm of clearance beyond what the signs say. It didn't stop me ducking my head every time I drove under a low hanging concrete slab. As if that would have stopped the car from hitting something if it was going to.

But it didn't hit anything up above. Relief. Manage to park car successfully, thinking as I am climbing out of the car that I am rather close to the concrete pillar on the driver's side. Go into work, feed Rowan, say hello to people, come back out.

I think you can tell what happens next. But if you haven't guessed, I did a great job scraping off the paint and putting a big dent in the sliding door of the driver's side on the concrete post as I was attempting to reverse out of the parking space. I probably should have just let the side mirror hit it (it did hit the post as well, but sustained a lot less damage) because at least it had a bit of give in it.

It could have been worse, I guess. But the ding in the door has also taken off some paint so we are going to have to head off to the smash repairer for a quote. Just what we need before Christmas.

And a lot more expensive than paying three dollars to park for a couple of hours outside the building. Lesson learned.


Deb L said...

Oh yuck. I know that sinking feeling when you damage a car. So little time to do so much damage. Bleuh. But on the flip side, IF you had to damage your car this year, this is the best way to do it - not in an accident at speed and involving other people. Consider it a tender mercy that your accident was this kind and not the other kind. Well, that's the pollyanna way to see it anyway!

Karen said...

Yes indeed. So true. And we can get it fixed straight after the Christmas break without having to wait on insurance. Amazing how much a small scrape can cost to repair though... :(

Jenny said...

If it makes you feel any better I put a big dent in the side of our tarago when my 4th was about a month old. The car was new and I misjudged a corner. I'd also had a baby recently. Bad combination!

Helen said...

The only time I have damaged our car was when I was pregnant. I also run red lights when I am just a little post-natal! I hope Chris was sympathetic!