Thursday, December 8, 2011

The rise and rise of the TV series on DVD box set...

...has revolutionised my night time newborn feeding sessions. I can't remember what I used to watch at night time with my other newborns. Maybe I just fed them while sitting in bed? (although that carried the risk of me going to sleep in the middle of the feed...)

So yesterday I started watching The West Wing Series 1. Two episodes in and it already has me hooked. At first I was struggling with some of the low (and fast) talkers with their American accents but I'm getting used to it now. Great viewing. Although I do have to rewind bits if I get distracted by the feed...this series needs a bit more concentration than some of the others I've been looking at.

But it certainly beats infomercials and home shopping, which seem to be the standard midnight to four a.m. viewing fare on television. The night before last, I did find an old episode of Leyland Brothers World (they were driving around Cape York, and in Weipa when I tuned in) but that was a rare non-marketing moment.


Wendy said...

We've seen the whole of this series. You're in for a long-haul if you're hooked! Loved it. Learnt a lot. Funny, the accents didn't bother me, wonder why?

Meredith said...

West Wing is FANTASTIC! I went into mourning when I finished it. Had to watch a lot of Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskill movies and series to get it out of my system. West Wing is TV at its best. Enjoy.