Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Highlights and lowlights on school Presentation Day

Seeing the kids get their awards was the highlight, obviously. I'm never sure exactly what they're going to receive (the letter home just tells us they're getting something, but not what it is) so it's always fun to see what they come away with. Liam scored the English award this year, on the back of choosing a poem from The Hobbit to say during the school poetry competition. He didn't actually win the poetry comp (lack of expression is a bit of an issue when he recites out loud), but I think his choice of poem impressed the teachers.

I managed to successfully breastfeed Rowan while I was there without him doing any fussing. Another step on the way to feeding while out and about.


Aidan forgot to take his trumpet to school so he couldn't participate in the school band's items. I thought he'd missed receiving the message to take it since he was off school for most of yesterday attending our church's holiday kids' program. But it turned out he'd been told to bring it and just forgot to do it. Another one of those things (like toothbrushing, putting clothes in dirty clothing basket, and emptying school bag) that I am supposed to remind him about, apparently.

Liam forgot to wear his Student Representative Council badge. Not a good look for Presentation Day.

The behaviour of some of the other parents was a little bit...unusual. One woman was chatting on her phone while the national anthem was being sung. Nice. I was feeling bad that I couldn't stand up to sing because Rowan was feeding at the time, but when I saw that I felt a bit better.
And another lady was working on her laptop. She was sitting right at the back, at least, but the disinterest was clear. Why bother turning up at all?

And all the parents that just walked out as soon as their kid had their certificate or whatever their prize was. Yes, I realise that some parents are working parents who need to get back to work, but let me say (and I know I risk being judgemental here...) that a lot of the walk-outs didn't look like they'd just stepped out of the office to come along.

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Helen said...

Wow. Didn't see that sort of thing from the parents at the local public school Lucy goes to.